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Shell nalgene water bottle

Cartel Blue

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✓ Limited edition
✓ Shell design
✓ 1000 ml Water Bottle
✓ BPA and BPS free
✓ Made from up to 50% recycled materials
✓ Donates to 1% For The Planet


Quench your thirst for adventure with our fabulous 1000ml water bottle, crafted from up to 50% recycled materials. It's BPA and BPS-free, because nobody needs that nonsense cramping their style.

Whether you're strutting your stuff on the beach, hitting the gym, or just slaying your daily hustle, our water bottle is your ultimate sidekick. With its Shell design, it's like carrying a piece of the ocean with you wherever you go.

So, ladies, grab your Shell Nalgene Water Bottle, channel your inner mermaid, and remember: staying hydrated is the first step to ruling the world. Get out there and make waves, because life's a beach, and you're here to conquer it!