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The fashion industry is estimated to be responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions – more than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

According to the European Environment Agency, textile purchases in the EU in 2020 generated about 270 kg of CO2 emissions per person. That means textile products consumed in the EU generated greenhouse gas emissions of 121 million tonnes.

Because of these facts, at Copenhagen Cartel we do not identify as a sustainable brand. Not because we don't aspire to be sustainable, but because we understand that true sustainability is not merely a label, but an ongoing journey of constant learning, adaptation, tangible actions and deep-rooted commitments. But amidst this challenging landscape, we see an opportunity for change, for reflection, and for doing the best we can until we know better. When we know better, we do better. 

We wish to understand our environmental footprint and take proactive measures to reduce it. Our ambition is to tread lightly on our planet and create positive chance, today and always.

Our community

Welcome aboard, sister! Here at Copenhagen Cartel, we're more than just another apparel brand – we're a sisterhood.

We're here to celebrate, support and champion women for exactly who they are – badass, intelligent, and inherently powerful beings.

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