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Marine Recycled Changing Robe


Sale price€204,95 EUR

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✓ Unisex
✓ Weather-Ready Performance
✓ Water resistance rated at 3000mm
✓ Breathability and wind resistance
✓ Made of recycled material
✓ Use for surfing, winter swimming, or as a jacket
✓ Donates to 1% For The Planet
In Denmark, we’re surrounded by beautiful beaches, spectacular coastlines and the refreshing sea - no matter where you are in the country, there is a maximum of 50 kilometres to the sea. Introducing the Marine Changing Robe for both men and women that pays tribute to our love for the Danish sea. At its core lies a commitment to responsibility, featuring an outer shell crafted from 100% recycled polyester and a lining made of 100% recycled teddy polyester material. This Marine Changing Robe not only reduces waste but also breathes new life into discarded resources. We've seamlessly combined recycled materials with high-performance features, making this robe the best of both worlds. The Marine Changing Robe is a high-performance piece of gear, boasting water resistance rated at 3000mm, breathability, and wind resistance to keep you warm and dry in any weather.

The Marine Changing Robe is created to accompany you on all your adventures by the sea. Whether you're a water sports enthusiast, a daring winter bather, or simply seeking comfort while exploring the beach, the Marine Changing Robe is your ideal companion. Sailors can also rejoice, as it offers the perfect blend of comfort and protection at sea. Make a conscious choice that aligns with your love for the environment and the sea. Choose the Marine Changing Robe and embrace seaside adventures like never before.
Marine Recycled Changing Robe - Nero
Marine Recycled Changing Robe - Nero Sale price€204,95 EUR