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Cartel x Flow Statement t-shirt


Sale price€46,95 EUR Regular price€54,95 EUR

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✓ Limited edition
✓ Oversized fit 
✓ Heavy premium quality
✓ Soaked but stoked design
✓ Contains SEACELL fibers
✓ SEACELL consists of 19% seaweed
✓ Donates to 1% For The Planett
Get ready to rock your Soaked but Stoked attitude with our Cartel x Flow Statement T-Shirt - a celebration of periods and the vibrant flow of life. Crafted with premium materials, including innovative SEACELL fibers containing 19% seaweed (yes, you read that right!), this tee is a natural wonder that's as comfy as it is conscious. Seaweed grows in the ocean, requiring no fresh water, soil, or fertilizer, and are produced in a closed-loop system to minimize environmental impact.

Featuring the collab "Soaked but Stoked" design, this tee is your sassy sidekick, empowering you to own your flow with confidence. It's like a warm hug from your bestie - offering comfort, durability, and style in one. So, grab your Cartel x Flow Statement T-Shirt, spread some love, and remind each other that you're Soaked but Stoked, ready to conquer anything together.

Cartel x Flow Statement t-shirt - Shell
Cartel x Flow Statement t-shirt - Shell Sale price€46,95 EUR Regular price€54,95 EUR

About the collab:

Katrine, the creative force behind Cartel, and Cathrine, the visionary mind behind Flow Intimates, shared a common purpose: to embrace their flow, even when making waves.

Their partnership isn't just about design; it's about solving a real issue. Recognizing a shared need and a shared desire to empower women, every day of the month, they embarked on a journey to create period swimwear, blending their expertise and experience.

Introducing "Soaked but Stoked" - a celebration of periods for all menstruators, even during that special time of the month. With this mantra, they aimed to infuse joy, support and confidence into menstruator’s lives, whether they're lounging by the pool or conquering the waves.