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Cartel Logo Embroidered Hoodie

Cartel Blue

Sale price€136,95 EUR

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✓ Limited edition 
✓ Oversized and loose fit 
✓ Heavy premium quality 
✓ Features hidden inner pockets for treasures untold 
✓ Nero black color 
✓ Scallop embroidery 
✓ Contains SEACELL fibers 
✓ SEACELL consists of 19% seaweed 
✓ Donates to 1% For The Planet 


Plunge into a sea of style and functionality with the Cartel Scallop Embroidered Hoodie in the color Nero. Accents with subtle scallop embroidery, this hoodie not only speaks of oceanic escapades but also safeguards your essentials with its cleverly hidden pockets as you surf through your daily challenges. Crafted from our visionary OCN Weed® fabric, this crewneck melds organic cotton and SEACELL fibers that contain up to 19% seaweed (yes, you read that right!), along with lyocell from beech and eucalyptus trees. This isn't just fabric – it's a testament to the regenerative powers of the ocean. The seaweed in SEACELL thrives naturally, requiring no additional resources while purifying the water around it, embodying the essence of effortless growth and natural strength. Plus, it’s made in a closed-loop production process that recycles all chemicals and solvents, minimizing our environmental footprint. So, put on your Cartel Scallop Embroidered Hoodie, stash your secrets safely, and channel your inner mermaid. It’s time to make some serious waves.

Cartel Logo Embroidered Hoodie - Cartel Blue
Cartel Logo Embroidered Hoodie - Cartel Blue Sale price€136,95 EUR