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Period Swimwear

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Your period shouldn't hold you back from enjoying summer and the water to the fullest. Our period swimwear is designed for all your summer dips, no matter where you are in your cycle. With our bikini bottoms, you can confidently let the sea, a pool, or just your backyard embrace you while bleeding freely.

Our design isn't just a beautiful bikini that hugs your body; it's actually a bit of an engineering feat, as our built-in absorbent pad and membrane keep the water out and the blood in.

Safety & Comfort

Experience the freedom, comfort and safety of bleeding directly into the bikini bottom.

Three unique layers

Built-in absorbent gusset technology with three unique layers, the pad is integrated into the Cartel bikini bottom.

Light to moderate absorbency

We recommend using a menstrual cup or other products for heavy flow days. 

Join the movement

Get ready to get Soaked but Stoked - an innovative and absorbent swimwear collection born out of the wildest creative energy between two female entrepreneurs.
We call it a stroke of genius.


Katrine, the creative force behind Cartel, and Cathrine, the visionary mind behind Flow Intimates, shared a common purpose: to embrace their flow, even when making waves. 

Our partnership isn't just about design; it's about solving a real issue. Recognizing a shared need and a shared desire to empower women, every day of the month, we embarked on a journey to create period swimwear. 

Introducing "Soaked but Stoked" - a celebration of women, even during that special time of the month. With this mantra, we aimed to infuse joy, support and confidence into menstruator’s lives, whether you’re lounging by the pool or conquering the waves.